A mission to give back

Gold Medal Swim Clinics was founded by me, Michael Plantamura. I have been an avid swimmer since I was five years old, and like the other 350,000+ USA swimmers across the world, I was immediately obsessed. Spending a weekend on a pool deck with my teammates and closest friends are some of the fondest memories I have. I’ll never forget the feeling of touching the wall after a race and looking up to see that I achieved a new PR. These invaluable experiences taught me that hard work pays off.

Absolutely nothing could compare to the excitement us swimmers experience every four years watching our idols compete in the Olympics. That’s where the idea of Gold Medal Swim Clinics was born.

My mission is to bring the level of excitement around the Olympics into pools across the country. Not just once every four years, but year-round. I firmly believe that by bringing the best Olympians in the world into your community’s pool, we will provide the next generation of swimmers with an invaluable experience leading to their success in and out of the pool. Who knows, maybe one day a swimmer who participated at a Gold Medal Clinic will become one of the greatest swimmers to swim on this earth. 

I look forward to bringing your favorite Olympian to your community’s pool. Together we will create an experience no participant, coach or swimmer, will ever forget. – Michael

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