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Hosting a Gold Medal Clinic is a unique opportunity for the competitive swimmers in your community to have an interactive learning experience with a highly decorated Olympian. Your swimmers will remember this learning experience for the rest of their lives.

A Solution Tailored To Your Community

Every aspect of your clinic’s curriculum will be fully customized from the ground up. When developing your clinic’s sessions, we will take the age and skill level of the expected participants into consideration. If age and skill levels vary greatly, we can split the clinic into multiple sessions.

We recommend that attendees have the ability to swim at least 50 yards without stopping. That being said, clinics can be utilized by  all skill levels, including Masters.

Clinic Curriculums

Below is a list of our most popular swim clinics curriculums.

Jason Lezak leading a Freestyle clinic.

We take Care Of Everything

Gold Medal Clinics has a team committed to handling all aspects of your clinic. From booking an Olympian’s travel to sending post clinic thank you emails, we have you covered.

Caeleb Dressel autographing posters, taking pictures with attendees, and performing a Q&A.

Customer Service: We take care of all ticket sales and customer service. Our platform is capable of offering promotional codes, group discounts and other features to meet the needs of our hosts and participants.

Dedicated Clinic Representative: You will be assigned a dedicated representative who will assist you with everything throughout the entirety of your event. Your Rep will ensure your event has everything it needs to be successful.

Photos: Every participant has an opportunity before the clinic starts to take a free photo with their Olympian.

Evening with an Olympian: After all of the clinic’s instruction sessions have been completed, we like to host what we call a “Night with an Olympian. This can include anything from a Q&A and a catered dinner to the athlete telling stories about their training and giving tips on how to handle things like pre-race nerves. Parents of participants are welcome, and encouraged, to attend.

We cover all the expenses: This includes, but is not limited to: athlete fees, event staff flights, hotels, transportation, meals, and appearance fees. The only fees associated with the clinic are the tickets that the attendees purchase. 

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